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Please note, this calculator is provided only as a simple tool to estimate what your payments could be. The final cost of treatment and payment terms are dependent on case complexity and determined on an individual basis, and will be confirmed prior to beginning your treatment.

Average Treatment Cost & Length

The average orthodontic cost for cases requiring 16-24 months of treatment is approximately $6,000 to $9,000. Early interceptive treatment for young children requiring 8-15 months of treatment is approximately $3,000 to $5,500.

Each treatment fee is determined on an individual basis dependent on the complexity of the case. Treatment fees may fall below or above these average ranges.

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Payment Options

Molen Orthodontics works with all patients to create a payment plan that makes getting the orthodontic treatment you need affordable and convenient. We strongly believe that affordable braces should be available to everyone, and with our flexible payment plans and interest-free financing, we will help you receive a beautiful, natural, custom-designed smile to last a lifetime.

Molen Orthodontics is not the cheapest orthodontic practice in the area. Our mission to “change lives one smile at a time” is something we take very seriously and means we do not cut corners. We only use the highest quality products available, and we strive to be leaders in our field to ensure you receive the smile you’ve always deserved. Our reputation is for being exceptional at what we do, but do not feel that quality care is out of your price range.