Treatment Options


By using the latest techniques and the most innovative appliances, we have had great success treating patients using non-surgical treatment options.

Interceptive Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children be evaluated by the age of 7 to monitor the growth of the jaws and development of the adult teeth. This way treatment can be started at an optimal age to intercept larger problems if needed.


Braces are not what they used to be, from ceramic and clear to reduced-friction, treatment has never been faster, more comfortable or less obvious. When choosing Molen Orthodontics for your braces, you will get a progressive approach that you won’t find anywhere else.


An alternative to braces where patients wear a sequence of clear, removable aligner trays that gently move your teeth into their optimum positions.


When we say “RETAINERS FOR LIFE” we mean it!
If your clear retainers ever crack, break, warp, dissolve, explode, vaporize, get eaten by a pet, or sucked up by your vacuum, just bring your models in and guess what? Free New Retainers! FOREVER!

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