The Original

Lifetime Retainer


To keep your gorgeous Molen Signature Smile looking its best year after year, retainers are key. Since the 1970’s, Molen Orthodontics has been offering the original Retainers For Life Guarantee. This service, which is still rare in the orthodontic industry, was pioneered by Dr. Bruce Molen and is one of the cornerstones of Molen Orthodontics’ commitment to its patients.

If your clear retainers ever crack, break, warp, dissolve, explode,

vaporize, get eaten by a pet or sucked up by a vacuum, just

bring your final models in and guess what? We will replace your retainers


Even if you weren’t treated by us for your braces or Invisalign, or have never had braces before, you can still enroll in our “retainers for life” program. Just call for details and to schedule a complimentary exam to learn more.

Free New Retainers!


When we say “retainers for life” we mean it.

Maintain Your Smile investment with Retainers

Without proper retention, the natural tendency of teeth is to start shifting back toward their original position. This is caused by the gums and ligaments surrounding the teeth. They can act like rubber bands that want to pull your teeth crooked again. To keep this from happening and to keep your stunning new smile perfect for a lifetime, regularly wearing your retainers is key.

We use discreet clear night time-only retainers that cover all of the surfaces of the teeth. They’re like pajamas for your teeth! We call these our 3-in-1 retainers because they protect your teeth from movement, grinding, and can also be used for professional whitening trays. To help ensure your Molen Signature Smile lasts a lifetime, we also place a permanent wire retainer on the backside of your lower front teeth. This double layer of retention ensures that your teeth stay straight and beautiful, year after year. For more information read our Retainer Guide.

The Molen 3-in-1 Retainer

  • Nighttime – only Retainer
  • Grinding Protection
  • Whitening Trays

Retainers Maintenance Guide

Retainers Maintenance Guide

Begin your journey to a beautiful

Natural Looking Smile

Begin your journey to a beautiful

Natural Looking Smile