Clear Braces

Clear Braces

If you’ve always wanted a straighter smile, but felt self-conscious about beginning treatment with metal braces, clear braces may provide the treatment alternative you have been waiting for! When you choose Molen Orthodontics to design your healthy, beautiful smile, you can have an attractive and discreet alternative to traditional metal braces, while still getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

At Molen Orthodontics, we’ve built our reputation on providing only the highest quality, most technologically advanced treatment plans to our patients, and clear braces are no different. We use incredible clear Damon braces to create a natural looking smile that works in harmony with each patient’s facial features. The end result is a stable, beautiful, wide smile you will want to proudly show off everywhere you go.

How do Clear Braces Work?

Damon clear braces use smooth, comfortable, stain-resistant clear brackets and slender orthodontic wires, resulting in an orthodontic treatment that won’t distract from your overall appearance. As a matter of fact, many patients report that their braces go completely unnoticed by casual onlookers, and that they’re barely visible in photos. This subtlety makes clear braces a great choice for adult patients who have always wanted a beautiful Molen smile, but have been concerned about how braces might affect their personal or professional image.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Just as with regular Damon braces, Damon clear braces do not require colored rubber ties to hold the wires in place. Instead, clear Damon braces are self-ligating. This means the wires are held in place by the uniquely designed braces. This holds the wires slightly away from the teeth, instead of pressing against them, reducing friction and requiring less pressure to properly align your smile.

Traditional clear braces and ceramic braces still require colored rubber ties to hold the wires in place. The colored rubber ties are still visible even if they’re clear or white since they tend to discolor over time. Damon clear braces offer a much more discreet solution since they don’t require traditional colored rubber ties. This is another reason we choose to only use Damon clear braces—so that you can have a truly clear solution that won’t discolor over time. These advancements are combined with the artistry and dedication of our doctors to create curved, natural-looking smiles, instead of the flat smiles that are typically produced with traditional orthodontic techniques.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Damon clear braces’ reduced-friction design allows teeth to move independently and with much less required pressure. This not only makes having braces a much more comfortable experience, but a shorter one. Damon clear braces’ state-of-the-art design and reliably consistent results allow for more efficient movement of teeth which may reduce the total treatment time.

Not only do clear braces blend in with your appearance, they also blend easily with your lifestyle and schedule. The self-ligating system allows the teeth to continue to move independently in between in-office adjustments, which means that you can go longer between office visits, missing less time away from work or school. On average, traditional clear braces require adjustments every 4-6 weeks. With Damon clear braces, you may only need to visit us every 8-12 weeks instead, depending of course on your unique treatment plan.

Of course, it would defeat the purpose of having discreet, clear braces if they had to be accompanied by bulky and unattractive headgear. Fear not! In addition to always working to avoid extractions our doctors discontinued the use of headgear over a decade ago and instead embrace more progressive techniques.

Designing More than Just Healthy Smiles

A major part of keeping your Molen smile beautiful for life is keeping it healthy and clean. Because Damon clear braces don’t require colored rubber ties to hold wires in place, they collect less plaque and bacteria. The absence of colored rubber ties also makes things much easier to keep clean with regular brushing and flossing. At your first appointment we will spend lots of one-on-one time with you reviewing specific tips and tricks for keeping your teeth and braces healthy and clean during treatment. In addition, we are more than happy to offer our patients free refills on oral hygiene supplies at each visit. This will ensure you always have the tools needed to keep your smile sparkling clean.

After your treatment has been completed a clear, removable night retainer will be recommended in order to help prevent your teeth from trying to return to their original positions. Furthermore, our doctors stand behind their work and offer a retainer guarantee to ensure your smile stays beautiful forever. Molen Orthodontics was the first orthodontic practice to pioneer The Original Lifetime Retainer Guarantee, and will happily replace your clear retainers at no charge if they ever crack, become loose, or wear out.

Talk to our expert team at Molen Orthodontics and we’ll help you decide if Damon clear braces are the right orthodontic treatment option for you. Before and during your treatment, we pay careful attention to your facial structure and aesthetics, ensuring that your new smile isn’t just dazzling on its own, but that it complements your overall appearance and properly supports the structures of your lips, chin and cheeks.

Find out how we can help you get the dazzling Molen smile you’ve been dreaming of! Contact us today to learn more about Damon clear braces or arrange your FREE consultation now!

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Begin your journey to a beautiful,

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