One of the greatest gifts that we receive is hearing from our happy patients. Whether they inform us in the form of an online review, social media shoutout, or simply compliment our team in person, we love knowing that our patients are happy when they leave our office.

Another very important part of our practice is our team! We couldn’t accomplish all that we do without every team member and the important role that they play. Ensuring that we maintain a great work culture is very important to us, especially when we are often at work more than we are at home! From treating our team to lunch some weeks, and random acts of kindness from the Doctors, thank you cards and surprise gifts, to ensuring that FUN plays a large role in all we do, we strive to foster and create a positive work culture for our entire Molen Orthodontics team!

The true testament of a happy team member is hearing it directly from them! So you better believe we asked some members of the team to share why they love being a part of the Molen Family! Here is what they had to say:

  • “That’s Molen is a real family! And the big guys (Doctors) actually care for their team members and we’re not just their employees! Best feeling ever 😊”
  • “Favorite thing about Molen: I love working with such an amazing team!”
  • “My favorite part about working for Molen is being able to not just be a part of a great team, but also an amazing family. Everyone always has a great attitude and really appreciates one another. We also take the time every morning to let people know that they are doing a good job with morning shout outs, which is a great way to start the day!”
  • “My favorite part about working at Molen Orthodontics is in our mission statement ” we change lives one smile at a time to help our patients achieve their dreams”.  I love watching the transformation of the smiles, but mostly I love watching the person transform.  I’ve seen people walk in to the office feeling like there is no hope and all they want is straight teeth so they have the confidence to live their best life and once those braces are placed and they come in the next time changed. You can actually see the transformation happening right before your eyes, and when those braces come off, “watch out world”.  My story is not different.  When I was a kid I had wanted braces my entire life, but being from a big family the money was not available to get braces.  When I was 19 years old, I was in college and I was working 3 jobs and going to school.  As soon as I had the money saved up for the down payment I got braces placed, and long story short it turned into a lifelong career I love.  I love coming to work everyday at Molen Orthodontics because the minute I walk in the door it’s like a wave of the most positive energy washing over you and it energizes me to take on the day.  I love all of my co-workers, and we are not only there to enrich the lives of our patients but we are there to enrich each other’s lives.  It’s true when you hear “Welcome to the Molen Family” you literally become part of the family.   I love to serve our patients and our team!!”
  • “My favorite thing about working at Molen is our culture. I enjoy coming to work everyday because I have an awesome team that always supports one another.”
  • “My favorite part of working for Molen.. that was a hard one to pin point. I think I would say the People. I work with AMAZING people!”
  • “My favorite part about working for Molen is knowing that I’m helping change someone’s life. Whether it’s a call with a new patient or something as simple as rescheduling an appointment, I know that I’m making someone happier than they were before. That means so much to me.”
  • “Everything! I feel like I work with my family! Being able to laugh every day and multiple times at work is rare and we have that here! Which makes me wanna come to work everyday!”
  • “My favorite part about working at Molen Orthodontics is the environment! Teamwork and friendship grow here as we help our patient’s smiles grow into their dream smiles!”
  • “The feeling of a positive and enthusiastic environment! I know it’s part of our old mission statement but it is still very true. Nothing motivates me to come to work more than knowing I’m going to feel great when I get there and when I leave 💕”