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Does My Child Really Need Braces? A Guide for Parents – Molen Orthodontics blog

If you’re a parent, taking your child to his or her first orthodontics appointment can raise a host of questions. You may be questioning whether or not your child truly needs orthodontic treatment, especially at a time when he or she is still growing (at the speed of light, it seems!).

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have an orthodontic check-up at the age of seven. At this age, their adult teeth have grown in enough for the orthodontist to recognize any potential problems. Orthodontists are specialized dentists who have undergone three additional years of rigorous residency training at an accredited university, making them experts on dental and facial irregularities which can have lasting effects beyond the appearance of your child’s teeth.

​Beyond the Smile: Orthodontic Treatment Benefits for Kids

​​The American Journal of Orthodontics recently published a study* which indicated that as many as one in three young children can benefit from braces or other orthodontic treatments. As their adult teeth begin to grow in, any uncorrected irregularities can have lasting effects on your child’s overall health well into their teenage and adult years.

The study revealed that children who received recommended orthodontic treatment scored high on tests for social and emotional well-being, allowing them to feel better about themselves overall. You may remember the difficulty you experienced during your own pre-teen and teenage years—self-esteem is hard to come by at that age!

Other benefits of recommended orthodontic treatment include better breathing & sleep, a reduction of potential damage to jaw joints, and eliminating the need for even more costly procedures down the road.

​An Orthodontist Your Family Can Trust (And Afford)

​When your family chooses our family at Molen Orthodontics, we go the extra mile to make sure your kids feel safe and confident during their visits. We take the time to determine the best treatment for your child in an effort to minimize the amount of orthodontic treatment they may require.

​We know raising a family is expensive, which is why we offer highly flexible payment plans and options, and a FREE consultation for your child! We’ll also work with your insurance provider to make sure you receive the maximum benefits you’re entitled to.

​To learn more about how orthodontic treatment could benefit your child, download ​A Parent’s Guide to the Benefits of Braces​ now, or book your FREE consultation!

* American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
Volume 135, Issue 5, Pages 580-585, May 2009