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“How Much Are Braces?” Isn’t The Right Question To Ask—This Is! – Molen Orthodontics blog

If you need braces for yourself or your child, you’re likely wondering how much they will cost. The average cost of braces is a difficult number to figure out, as each individual case is unique. The cost of your braces will depend entirely on the complexity of your orthodontic issues and the length of your treatment.

Instead of asking how much your braces will cost, (which is impossible to know before a thorough orthodontic examination), ask your orthodontist—how easy will it be to pay for my braces?

​Payment Plans for Braces

​​At Molen Orthodontics, the last thing we want is for your finances to stand in the way of your orthodontic treatment. A beautiful, healthy smile is priceless—plus, it will save you money later in life, when more expensive and urgent treatment may become necessary.

That’s why we offer a range of flexible payment options, allowing you to spread your payments out over the course of your treatment, and in some cases, even after your braces come off. This will give you up to 24 months or more, on average, to pay for your orthodontic treatment, and make it much easier on your budget.

​Braces and Dental Coverage

​​The good news is that many insurance companies will pay for a portion of your child’s orthodontic treatment, up to a certain amount. The amount will vary depending on your plan. We can work with you and your insurance provider to make sure you get the absolute most out of your coverage.

For example, if your partner or spouse has a different insurance plan, we’ll find out which will cover the most, and when possible, use that plan as the primary plan, and then use the other insurance plan to help cover some of the remaining cost.

​The Molen Difference

​​The team at Molen Orthodontics knows that getting braces can cost more than just money. We offer several discreet treatment options such as Damon Clear braces and Invisalign, so if discretion is important to you, your treatment won’t cost you your confidence.

We also offer flexible hours and convenient appointments between our offices in Auburn, Enumclaw, and Sumner (Bonney Lake). That means you’ll spend less time away from work, and your child won’t miss as much school! Check with the Molen Orthodontics location nearest you for more details.

We also offer a patient rewards program and, best of all, a FREE consultation for you or your child.

To learn more about affordable braces and orthodontic treatment options, download ​The Cost Of Braces & What To Expect: A Patient’s Manual​ now!