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If you have orthodontic insurance coverage or would like to find out, please provide your insurance information below. We will determine the amount of your insurance benefit by the time you arrive for your exam.

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Please answer all questions for the patient if they are a minor, or for yourself if you are the patient.

Dental history

Do you have any of the following habits?

Thumb/Finger suckingTongue thrustSpeech ProblemsNail bitingMouth breathingLip sucking/biting

Have you ever...

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Injuries to your face,mouth,teeth or chin ?

Chipped or lost any teeth unnaturally ?

Had your tonsils or adenoids removed, and at what age?

Have you ever had any of the following:

Wisdom teeth extractedOther teeth extractedPeriodontal (gum) treatmentYour bite adjustedSoreness of teeth or jaws when you awake in the morningClicking or propping of your jaw"Tension" headachesClenching your teeth during the dayGrinding your teeth at nightDificulty opening/closing/chewingChronic ringing in your earsTMJ Problems

medical history

Please fill out this section to the best of your knowledge. It is important for us to be aware of any health issues that may affect the treatment you receive from our office.This information is kept strictly confidential.

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Please check any of the following that you have had or currently have:

Abnormal bleedingADHDAnemiaArthritisAsthmaAustinBone DisordersCongenital Heart DefectDiabetesDizzinessEpilepsyGastrointestinal DisordersHeart ProblemsHeart MurmurHepatitis/Liver problemsHerpesHigh Blood PressureHIV / AIDSPnuemoniaKidney ProblemsLearning disabilitiesNervous DisordersProlonged BleedingRadiation / ChemotherapyRheumatic FeverSyndromes of Systemic NatureThyroid Related DisordersTuberculosisTumer / Cancer

I understand that where appropriate, credit bureau reports may be obtained.
I give my permission for my x-rays, models and photographs to be used by Molen Orthodontics for the purposes of education,lectures,training and promotion.