Two Phase Treatment

Interceptive Treatments

Our doctors specialize in two phase treatment and have developed a highly successful treatment program. When a child is seen at age 7, many wonderful things can be accomplished! Extraction of adult teeth can be avoided in the vast majority of cases. This allows us to achieve excellent lip support by the teeth, avoiding a flattened or “dished” profile and thinning of the lips. Also, overbites can be corrected by utilizing growth potential, allowing us to avoid surgical procedures that are commonly needed in non-growing patients to correct the bite.

We believe prevention is better than cure and encourage parents to bring their child in for an early evaluation at age 7 as recommended by The American Association of Orthodontists.

Planning now can save your smile later

Because growth takes place slowly, it can be utilized to encourage the positive growth of the jaws.

Our goal is to allow the body to grow as it normally would have, had the orthodontic problem not existed. By providing adequate room for eruption of the adult teeth and encouraging a more natural jaw relationship, the later removal of adult teeth to correct crowding or surgical procedures to correct the bite may be avoided.

If some conditions are left untreated until all the adult teeth erupt, the jaw discrepancy could be too severe to achieve an ideal result with braces alone.

Our Treatments Can Correct

  • Narrow dental arches, allowing for development of a wider, more aesthetically pleasing smile and improved nasal breathing
  • Elimination of dark corridors that appear at the corners of the mouth when smiling
  • Severe overbites or underbites
  • Deep bites and collapsed bites
  • Retruded (small) lower jaws or weak chins
  • Excessive crowding and crooked teeth
  • Gummy smiles
  • Excessively protruding or flared teeth (buck teeth)
  • Airway problems/Snoring
  • Cross bites, or scissor bites (which should be corrected as early as possible)
  • “Pouting” lower lip
  • Elimination of the need for headgear
  • Usually avoid the need for extractions of adult teeth or jaw surgery

Learn what these concerns may look like by downloading our PDF here.

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Planning Now Can Save Your Smile Later!

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