Happy New Year!

The excitement of something NEW!

Whether it is a new outfit, new car, new braces, or even a new year, there is an exciting feeling that comes with something “new”. By reflecting on the year 2020, we think of how we have grown, all that we have experienced, and what we plan to do differently in the coming new year. A fresh page, blank slate, and still a feeling of excitement toward something new! 

We have reflected on the 2020 year and even though we overcome large hurdles, we are beyond grateful. We had an incredible year and have our amazing patients and wonderful team to thank. 

Our goal at Molen Orthodontics is simple; continuously treat our patients with the highest orthodontic care! As this goal is not new, it is the bread and butter of our day to day, provide patients the highest orthodontic care with incredible customer service to ensure that we change lives one smile at a time to help our patients achieve their dreams! 

Although our goal is not new, one thing is certain, we are so excited to meet the many NEW people, NEW patients and NEW families that will join our Molen Family in 2021. 

We asked some of our amazing team members if they had new years goals and we found them encouraging and would like to share them with you:

  • “Drink more water!”
  • “My New Years Resolution would be to go on more hikes to places that I haven’t gone to yet. I’d like to see beautiful views like water falls and huge lakes in mountains. I hope it will be so rewarding and a great work out!”
  • “I have never really been into resolutions and I don’t think I have ever stuck with one I’ve made.  But this year is different, this year my resolution is to get in shape, hit my goal weight and feel the best inside and out. I want my thoughts to align with my goals to meet and exceed my own expectations.   I want to have more energy and be present for my family, friends, team members and patients.  2021 is going to be amazing!”
  • “My new year’s resolution is that I want to read at least one book a month.”
  • “My resolution is to continue to get healthy.”
  • “My 2021 New Years resolution is to start learning Spanish! It is a language I’ve been wanting to learn for a while and I know it would be incredibly useful in the customer service field. I’m already using some free online resources to get started with the basics and after the new year I am planning to invest in something like Rosetta Stone or even some in-person classes.”
  • “I want to run 500 miles!”
  • “I have a goal to save money this year and have my income to my bank account be higher than my spending every single month (including December when I buy presents for Christmas!”
  • “I don’t do New Years Resolutions but I plan out a list of things that I want to complete by the end of the the year. I have many items on my list but the one I’m most excited about is going back to school for a certification.”

We hope that by sharing some of our team’s goals you are inspired to try something new! We are already 3 week into 2021 and it’s not too late to make goals for your life if you have not already! Make sure you remember one very important thing, whatever you decide to do, make sure to SMILE!