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Congratulations on starting your Orthodontic Journey! 

On behalf of the entire Molen Orthodontics team, we want to congratulate you on starting treatment! We know that starting your Orthodontic journey is an exciting time in life, no matter what your age is! Whether you have joined our Molen family as a 7 year old or you are starting treatment as an adult, our goal is to provide as much comfort and clarity as possible along the way. 

We are so glad to be by your side as you grow one step closer to the smile you deserve. Every day you will become more familiar with your treatment and to bring full confidence along the way, we have included a Complete Guide to Orthodontic Treatment. You can use it as a reference at any point throughout your treatment. If you have any questions, are experiencing discomfort, or even need treatment friendly recipes for your braces or Invisalign, please reference this guide as it is packed full of helpful information. We’ve got you covered!

Download the Complete Guide to Orthodontic Treatment Here!

If you feel the need to speak with someone on our team, please give us a call and our office will be happy to help you (253) 939-2552. 

You should thank yourself for making the investment towards better overall health.

Welcome to the Molen Family!