The candy has been weighed, the cans have been counted, and the 2016 Molen Halloween candy buyback was a tremendous success. Children from across King and Pierce Counties brought in over 2,000 pounds of candy and almost 700 cans of food!

Each year Molen Orthodontics hosts a Halloween candy buyback party to curb the amount of sweets that kids eat over the holiday. Parents, you’re welcome. Molen pays out $2 per pound for their excess candy. The candy and canned foods are then donated to local organizations and soldiers fighting abroad.


Donations were made to:

  • Dream Center
  • Donald Loomis Clothing Bank
  • Enumclaw Clothing Bank
  • Young Life
  • Safe Streets
  • Plateau Outreach Ministries
  • Prairie Ridge Community Center
  • Bonney Lake Lions
  • Youth Center – Tacoma Rescue Mission
  • Lions 4 Kids
  • City of Bonney Lake
  • Eagles
  • White River Coalition
  • Stockings For Kids
  • Birthday Dreams
  • Military Personnel Overseas

“Halloween is a fun holiday for kids of all ages,” says Dr. Rick Molen. “But too much candy can contribute to tooth decay. And for people who wear braces, eating sticky or chewy candy can harm their braces and may lengthen their orthodontic treatment.”

For children with braces, some Halloween candy can be particularly difficult to eat. Dr. Molen recommends that children who wear braces avoid such snacks as caramel, nuts, hard candies, licorice, taffy, jelly beans and bubblegum. They also advise patients to steer clear of popcorn (especially un-popped kernels), hard pretzels, and tortilla chips.

If you are still working your way through some of your leftover candy (which we hope you are since it’s always good to take your time), here is some advice to help you indulge while still taking care of your chompers.

“Soft candies, like chocolate or other melt-in-your-mouth varieties, are acceptable in moderation,” Dr. Molen said. “In addition, regular brushing and flossing are essential parts of good dental care and oral hygiene for everyone, but especially for those who wear braces.”

Above all we hope that everyone had a safe and healthy Halloween and we look forward to seeing you for the Molen Candy Buyback next year.


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