Every four years we have the privilege of choosing a new leader to run our country. In the months leading up to Election Day, November 8, there are a lot of arguments for and against each candidate. As the election of our next president draws ever closer, it is our duty as voters to cast an educated decision for who will be at the helm of the country for the next four years.

Maybe we are a little biased here at Molen Orthodontics, but we don’t think you can make an educated vote without having a proper analysis of the teeth of our candidates. After all, someone’s smile says a lot about who they are. So without further ado, here is the Molen Orthodontics presidential candidate mouth analysis:

Donald Trump


Donald Trump’s teeth are perfectly shaped and are a fanciful shade of white. However, this is not because of a strict oral-hygiene regimen, but because Trump has fake porcelain veneers.

While Ciro Scotti, of the The Daily Beast, was visiting a dentist in the fancy Upper East Side the dentist told him, “Trump would come to the office every six months or so complaining that his veneers weren’t white enough.” It seems Mr. Trump definitely wants to make a good impression with his smile.

But despite the dentist’s warnings that his teeth being too white would look fake, Trump insisted on making them whiter. After choosing his preferred shade, the dentist would make them about one-quarter as white as the shade he selected and Trump would leave happy enough.

If Trump is elected, he wouldn’t be the first president not sporting his own teeth. Of course, that credit goes to George Washington. Although President Washington didn’t have wooden teeth as it is often rumored, he did have several pairs of false chompers, including ones made of hippopotamus ivory and brass.

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton’s teeth aren’t as pearly white as Trump’s, but she has seen her fair share of dental work. Most notably, two of Hillary’s front teeth (numbers seven and eight) appear to be crowns. It appears that she has had these crowns for years. Whatever the reason for this, they certainly help to give her a straighter smile.

Interestingly, crowns have caused problems for the president in the past. While President Eisenhower was in office he underwent an emergency dental operation after one of his crowns came off while eating a chicken wing. If Clinton is elected we hope she steers clear of chicken wings!

It’s time to choose

The good news for the winning candidate is that he or she will not have to go far if they need any additional dental work done. For convenience, there is a dental office set up in the White House. And if they ever need anything a dentist will certainly come to them. With all that said, don’t forget to vote for the smile you want in the White House on November 8!

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