If you’ve ever had to wear a retainer, you may be familiar with that dreaded feeling of realizing you’ve accidentally tossed your retainer in the trash – and now have to go dumpster diving! With school starting again, we’ve got some tips to help your kids avoid misplacing their retainer or making an accidental retainer donation to the cafeteria garbage can!

How NOT to Lose Your Retainer:

  1. Get a brightly colored case – and use it! Choose a case in a bright color and always store your retainer in its case whenever you need to take it off. Having a brightly colored case will help it stand out and make it less likely to get tossed in the trash by accident.
  2. Never wrap it in a napkin – DO NOT, we repeat: DO NOT wrap your retainer in a napkin, tissue or paper towel! Hiding your retainer in a napkin is a very easy way to have it end up in the garbage! If you’re trying to keep it out of sight, that’s where a case comes in handy!
  3. Be consistent – When not in use, always keep your retainer in specially designated spots. When you’re eating lunch, pick a place where you will always put it (in its case, of course). For example, stick it in your coat pocket, your lunch tote or to the right of your lunch tray. Do the same at home – pick a designated spot for when you’re not using your retainer, such as your nightstand, next to your alarm clock, or a particular drawer in your bathroom. Making this a habit will make you less likely to forget about it!
  4. Remember to wear it – Get in the habit of wearing your retainer when you’re supposed to (set a phone alarm or reminder to help you remember). You’re much less likely to lose your retainer if you’re wearing it consistently!

Go over these tips with your kids and help them avoid the unfortunate task of digging through the trash to search for a missing retainer!

However, if your child does lose a retainer, don’t panic. Molen Orthodontics will replace it for free with our “retainers for life” guarantee! When we say “retainers for life,” we mean it. We’re happy to replace lost, broken, or worn-out retainers at absolutely no charge to our patients! This service, which is still rare in the orthodontic industry, was pioneered by Dr. Bruce Molen in the 1970s and is one of the cornerstones of Molen Orthodontics’ commitment to its patients.

If you’d like to set up a FREE orthodontic consultation for your child or learn more about our “retainers for life” program, call us today at (253) 939-2552.

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