At Molen Orthodontics, we sometimes hear adults say things like:

“I’m too old to get braces.”

“It’s too late to change my smile.”

“Braces are just for kids.”

Have you ever made one of these excuses as to why you can’t get braces? If so, you may be surprised to learn that each of these statements couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, at Molen Orthodontics, we have many adult patients of all ages who get braces – and they’re always glad they did. It’s NEVER too late to experience the benefits of braces and obtain the smile you’ve always longed for.

Adults Getting Braces More than Ever

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in five orthodontic patients is an adult. And now we are seeing more and more adults getting braces, because they are realizing the enormous benefits they provide. In our image-conscious society, having a badly misaligned smile can distract from your personal or professional image. The self-consciousness created by crooked or twisted teeth or a malformed jaw can prevent you from taking full advantage of the many opportunities that life has to offer.

Not only can the appearance of a crooked smile or poorly-aligned smile hold you back personally and professionally, but it can cause health issues as well – especially with jaw pain, headaches, tooth damage and teeth grinding. It can also interfere with your speech and eating.

Adults Have Plenty of Options

Some adults worry about braces interfering with their lifestyle or appearance. That’s why the doctors at Molen work meticulously to help you obtain a straight, beautiful smile as efficiently and discreetly as possible. With the wide range of options at Molen Orthodontics, you can get your perfect smile so discreetly, people may not even realize you’re undergoing treatment! For braces, we offer our adult patients the choice between small and comfortable Damon braces and discreet and effective Damon clear braces. Damon braces work to straighten your teeth effectively and efficiently, with fewer office visits than traditional braces. Another treatment option we offer is Invisalign clear aligners, which can help you get the straight smile you’ve always wanted, without wearing traditional braces. An initial consultation with Molen Orthodontics will be as thorough as possible to help you determine which of these options is best for your unique needs.

When you choose Molen Orthodontics to design your smile, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We carefully evaluate your facial profile, jaw and palate, and the relation of your lips and cheeks to your teeth, all to design a spectacular smile that will enhance your facial aesthetics. Regardless of your age, at the end of your treatment, you will have a dazzling, wide, straight, younger-looking smile that compliments your whole face! And you’ll enjoy a wide-range of other benefits, which may include a reduced risk of dental-related diseases, higher quality of sleep, fewer headaches and less joint pain, increased enjoyment at mealtime through more efficient chewing, and more!

So forget the myths about adult braces – it’s NEVER too late to get the stunning smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Are you ready to get the smile you’ve always deserved?

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