When it comes to orthodontics, a common misconception is that braces do all the work. But the reality is that it’s actually the doctor who does the work, and the braces are considered a tool used by the doctor to achieve the desired results. Many people do not realize that there is quite a bit of artistry that goes into designing a beautiful smile! Of course, each doctor is different and their level of expertise and artistry can impact a patient’s end results. That’s why it’s so important to choose the best orthodontist you can find.

Finding the best orthodontist should be approached with the same care you would take in selecting a plastic surgeon. Just like plastic surgeons, orthodontists may use the same (or similar) tools but results can vary depending on the skill level of the doctor. At Molen Orthodontics, we take pride in having “the best of the best” – incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and innovative doctors who consider themselves perfectionists and work hard to achieve outstanding results for their patients.

When designing a smile, Molen orthodontists treat each patient as a unique case and apply their unparalleled artistry to design natural-looking smiles that will suit each individual’s face. Some orthodontists only focus on straightening the teeth, and then consider the job done. Our doctors believe that the smile should follow the person’s lip shape, so that after treatment they look like they were born with naturally beautiful teeth. They also aim to get rid of the “black triangles” that happen at the corner of the mouth because of a narrow pallet. Their expertise and artistry is what makes those beautiful wide smiles (aka “Molen Magic Smiles”) that Molen Orthodontics is known for.

Aside from the artistry and expertise, the tools used by the orthodontist, including the type of braces, are important and can greatly impact the results. Many orthodontists use traditional metal braces, with wires attached to the tooth brackets by elastic ligatures or “o-rings.” With traditional braces, much more pressure and discomfort is required to move the teeth into the desired position.

At Molen, the orthodontists use Damon braces. Damon braces are “self-ligating,” meaning that the brackets themselves have doors that hold the wires in place, slightly away from the teeth. Because the wires aren’t pressing against the teeth, Damon braces allow the teeth to move into the right position with much less pressure. Our orthodontists prefer Damon braces because of the many advantages over conventional braces – less pressure and therefore greater comfort, easier care including brushing and flossing, better appearance (clear brackets appear “invisible” and are more aesthetically pleasing), less in-office maintenance (quicker and fewer adjustments), and strong results in a much shorter time (total treatment time is typically reduced by 6-12 months)! Molen Orthodontics has extensive experience with the Damon System, and our orthodontists rely on the incredible advancements they’ve made in orthodontic technology to treat even cases that were considered “untreatable” by other practitioners, without extracting healthy teeth.

If you’re searching for the best orthodontist with incredible expertise, artistry and the most innovative tools to achieve a beautiful smile, look no further than Molen Orthodontics! Request your FREE consultation today!