The obvious benefits of braces include having straighter teeth and a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Having a better smile can do wonders for self-esteem and positive self-image, which is a huge benefit for children and adults alike. Many people see this as the main purpose of getting braces.

But aesthetics isn’t the only reason you should fix poorly aligned teeth. Did you know that there are considerable health benefits of braces as well? Many people are surprised to learn that a badly aligned bite or crowded teeth can lead to many types of health problems, such as headaches, jaw pain, tooth grinding and damage, gum disease, and general bodily inflammation! Having straighter teeth makes it much easier to care for them with brushing and flossing. Misaligned teeth often have more food buildup which can lead to an increase in plaque. Proper oral hygiene makes for healthier teeth and gums – which means you’re less likely to get cavities and periodontal disease!

Poorly aligned teeth and jaws (malocclusion) can also cause tooth grinding – a problem that many people deal with. A “bad bite” can also lead to digestion problems, TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), chronic headaches or even back and neck pain! Getting braces to straighten the teeth can help alleviate and prevent these issues.

In addition to feeling confident about your smile, having straight teeth can help some people eat food more effectively. Poorly aligned teeth can cause difficulty with biting and chewing food – which may result in digestion or nutrition issues, as well as pain or discomfort while eating. Straightening the teeth can result in major improvements in eating issues.

The other benefit of having straight teeth is that they’re less prone to injury. If you have protruding upper teeth, they’re more likely to be broken or traumatized in an accident or while playing sports. Having an irregular bite pattern means you could experience uneven stress and impact on specific teeth, and those teeth may wear more rapidly than others. This could lead to premature dental problems. Getting braces to properly align the teeth will decrease that risk.

So if you’re considering braces, don’t forget that a beautiful smile isn’t the only thing you’ll get! The health benefits of braces are just as important.

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