At Molen Orthodontics, we are extremely proud of the reputation we’ve earned over many decades of designing beautiful smiles for thousands of patients. We are known for our unparalleled quality of treatment, expertise, artistry, progressive and innovative techniques, interaction with clients, family legacy and involvement within the community. So many people choose us over other orthodontists because, simply put, they want the best of the best when it comes to designing their ideal smile!

We aim to create a positive experience for our patients through every interaction on the journey to their perfect smile.  As a result, we’re pleased to say we’ve got a lot of “raving fans” who are eager to share their experiences with others. We always love to hear this feedback from our patients/fans because it lets us know we’re doing things right. Check out what some of our “raving fans” have to say about Molen Orthodontics:

These fans appreciate how we make our patients feel:

“The staff and doctors at this facility treat you as if you are family. They are very caring and will make sure you’re comfortable and doing okay. I truly recommend [them] to everyone, they’re absolutely amazing!”- M.P.

“The doctors and staff were always super cool and fun! I always felt comfortable and never nervous.” – Ryley P.

“Dr. Aaron Molen is one of the most kind people I have ever met. My daughter’s first appointment was today and Dr. Molen asked her what she didn’t like about her smile…He reassured her that no matter what, she was still beautiful. He had a heart-to-heart with her and got emotional about it. It showed me he genuinely cares about his patients. He promised her that he was going to fix it for her. I was tearing up. It touched me so much. That place is amazing.” – Emily G.

For these fans, Molen has helped members of their family:

“Everybody is great at Molen Orthodontics. Dr. Rick has made three smiles come alive in our family and is currently working on the fourth!” – Dyan H.

“I love Molen! We have 3 daughters being treated now – yes, I said 3. Everyone in their office is amazing. Always friendly and so helpful. They moved mountains to make it possible to treat all of our daughters at the same time, by finding a payment plan that would work for us without putting us in a financial bind. I highly recommend taking your children or yourself to Molen for your orthodontic needs. They are the best!” – Jackie M.

“We are always treated like royalty when we go to any of the Molen offices! Thank you Molen Orthodontics for giving my kids the same great experience and excellent results that you gave me in 1987!”- Rhonda

These fans know that Molen Orthodontics is the best choice:

“Definitely the best orthodontist place in Washington. It’s a very positive experience and is great for kids.” – J.L.

“The other orthodontist we were seeing previously said that they would have to remove two of my teeth. But thanks to Molen I have the two teeth that were supposed to be removed and a beautiful smile. My mom thought it couldn’t be done, but Molen found a way!” – O.S.

“I think Molen is the best way to go because I know lots of people that have gone to other orthodontists and have had to get a second pair of braces. And after only 1 year and a half my teeth are perfectly straight! I suggest you go to Molen for perfect teeth!” – A.F.

“Dr. Molen’s office has been wonderful. My husband and daughter went to another orthodontist and they were more expensive and now have to be redone. My son was seen here and they are so much better! LOVE their retainer policy!!!!! I love them!” – Tabatha B.

“We went for a consultation at another orthodontist before coming to Molen and I’m so glad we chose to get a second opinion. We were so impressed by their staff, their office and their care. We now have four kids with braces! I cannot speak highly enough of their office.” – Heather M.

If you’ve ever received treatment at Molen Orthodontics, we’d love to hear your feedback! Send your testimonials to or rate us and leave a review on our Facebook page!