​The short answer is: No! You’re never too old to get braces. In fact, one in every five orthodontic patients is an adult over the age of 21. If you’re dreaming of a healthier, more naturally beautiful smile but are concerned you’re too late to get it, we have great news for you!

​Braces for Adults: A Discreet Option

​​Orthodontic treatment options for adults aren’t much different than the options for younger patients, but many adults look for a more discreet treatment method. After all, you’re not a kid anymore—you have a job, you run errands, and you socialize. Having an attractive smile even during your treatment may be a priority for you, and Molen Orthodontics can help you achieve it. Today’s braces are thinner, making them really hard to see, and definitely not those train-track braces you might remember from your childhood.

​Clear Braces and Invisalign

Some adult treatment options include clear braces or Invisalign. Damon Clear braces are so discreet, friends and family may not even realize you’re wearing them! They combine Damon braces that don’t require colored rubber ties with high-tech orthodontic wires that require less frequent adjustments than traditional braces. They’re one of the easiest, most comfortable, and most attractive treatment methods available to adults who need braces.

Invisalign is another popular treatment option for adults needing braces. Rather than traditional braces and wires, your teeth will be gently aligned with clear, durable, comfortable plastic trays. You can even remove them to eat, brush, and floss! Invisalign is extremely convenient and comfortable, making it a great option for your orthodontic treatment.

​How Long Will I Need To Wear My Adult Braces?

​​Molen Orthodontics’ clear and discreet treatment options usually take the same amount of time to work, and sometimes less, than traditional braces. As an adult needing braces, your treatment will typically last 16 to 24 months, depending on the complexity of your case. It may seem like a long time, but when you’re done you’ll be able to enjoy a lifetime of healthy and naturally beautiful teeth!

​How Much Do Braces Cost?

​​This also depends on the length of treatment and complexity of your case, but at Molen Orthodontics we understand that for many people, cost is the #1 factor in making your decision whether or not to get braces as an adult. We don’t want finances to stand in the way of your dream smile, so we offer highly flexible payment plans to easily give you the smile you deserve. We also offer a FREE orthodontic consultation to our new patients!

We’re also able to work with your insurance provider to maximize your savings. Often, insurance plans will cover a portion of your costs making your orthodontic treatment much more affordable!

To learn more about your orthodontic treatment options as an adult who needs braces, including the surprising health benefits of orthodontic treatment at any age, click here to download our guide ​Orthodontics for Adults: Treatment Options for Patients Over 21!