Mission, Vision, & Values

Having a defined mission, a vision and a clear set of values is important to us at Molen Orthodontics. We always strive to provide the best treatment to patients, create beautiful smiles to last a lifetime, and give back to the community we’re proud to call home.


We change lives one smile at a time to help our patients achieve their dreams.


Building on our legacy, we rely on the latest technology and solid educational foundation to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive Orthodontic care available. We artistically design custom smiles for each individual, understanding that a beautiful smile is “more than just straight teeth.” We strive to exceed all of our patients’ expectations by turning ‘braces’ into a fun and memorable experience. 

We are sought for our expertise; we influence the industry to lead the discovery of improved techniques and drive a higher standard. We obsess over our customers, not our competitors. We do not cut corners; we pay attention to ensure all endeavors are completed superbly the first time. 

We relish the success of personal growth and making a positive difference in the lives of all. We empower our gifted and talented team with the autonomy to be awesome. We proactively work together to adapt to change and discover solutions.       

We take pride in giving back to the community in which we have been rooted for decades. We are definitely not your standard orthodontic office–We are Molen Orthodontics!


Integrity: Our customers trust us to provide them the best possible smile and we will live up to that trust.  We deliver on our commitments. We will always act ethically regardless of the circumstances.            

Quality: We perfect the whole smile of everyone we treat by providing the highest level of orthodontic care possible. In addition to providing exceptional care, comfortable treatment, and superior results, we ensure our patients receive an unforgettable experience. 

Respect: None of us are perfect. As we succeed in our personal endeavors to learn and grow, we become stronger team members.  In a safe environment, we support each other to lift each other up and share in our successes. We respect others’ time, opinions and aspirations. We work to earn the respect of our community by making a positive difference in the lives of those around us.

Progressive: We use the best and most innovative treatments. We continually find ways to provide better care and service for our patients. We continually learn about our field, train on new technologies and find ways to better apply cutting-edge techniques to our practice. As we gain more knowledge and learning, we stretch ourselves to perform at a higher level. We compare ourselves to our potential and always strive to find better ways to serve our patients.

Memorable: Memories are built by uplifting moments and accomplishing something extraordinary. We aim to be the best part of our patient’s day through every interaction on the journey to their perfect smile. Patient experiences are enhanced through engaging interactions in a positive and enthusiastic environment. The memories patients build with us creates ‘Raving Fans’ and motivates them to share their experience with others.  

Energetic: We work diligently to set a high standard. We meet this standard as we enthusiastically fulfill our patient needs. This requires everybody being actively involved in accomplishing our shared vision. We provide our team the autonomy to be awesome. We thrive in our fun and over-achieving environment as we experience first-hand the joy of shared success. This positive energy motivates us to fully realize our purpose. We passionately work to energize ourselves and those around us.

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