Puyallup Sumner Chamber Awards Molen Orthodontics Medium Business of the Year!

The Puyallup Sumner Chamber Awards Molen Orthodontics Medium Business of the Year and Nominates Team Member, Korrina Campbell, as Young Professional of the Year.

Two years ago, Molen Orthodontics brought on a dedicated marketing team for the first time. Soon after, we decided partnering with the local community through the Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce would be a great way to get to know community members. What an incredible journey it has been ever since. The Chamber took us under their wing and has helped support us ever since. It’s no doubt Molen has been a huge supporter of surrounding communities for decades, but partnering with the Chamber has helped establish those relationships and grow them even more.

Molen Orthodontics welcomed a new doctor, Dr. Chris Eitzen, and built a new location in Sumner all within the last year. A huge reason the Molen Orthodontics Grand Opening (or Smile Fest 2017) was a success was due to the support of our community. The Puyallup Sumner Chamber was also there for us through our entire new building process, start to finish. They helped support our ground-breaking event and grand opening day where there were 2,500+ attendees. The Puyallup Sumner Chamber’s President & CEO, Shelly Schlumpf, was a huge support leading up to our big grand opening day with any contacts she had to help the event day go as smoothly as possible.

“It is an exciting time in Molen Orthodontics history and to be so welcomed and embraced by the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber, and specifically Shelly, has been invaluable. We are so grateful for their partnership and support,” said Director of Marketing, Amy Bickler.

The Puyallup Sumner Chamber’s continuous support in the community is remarkable. They have helped in a variety of Molen activities and networking opportunities.

It was truly an honor for the Molen Orthodontics team to be nominated for the Rising Star Award Medium Business of the Year and for one of our very own, Korrina Campbell, to be nominated for the Young Professional of the Year Award.

“We have been working with Shelly over the past year and she has been such a huge support system for us. She always makes sure we have everything we need to be successful and always shows up when we need her the most. I was so humbled to hear I was nominated for this award and it has been a blessing to work with the Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce,” said Referral and Event Coordinator, Korrina Campbell.


Dr. Rick Molen and Korrina Campbell with Rising Star Award Medium Business of the Year.


Molen Orthodontics will continue to do it’s very best to stay connected with the community and bring smiles to others. We plan to launch a new program called Community Benefits. Click here for details on our Community Benefits Program.

“The Molen Orthodontics team is growing and it has been exciting to watch within the last two years. A huge thank you to the Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce for their outreach support,” said Molen Orthodontics PR & Digital Marketing Specialist, Alyssa Darby.

The Molen team has grown from a team of 25 to 60+ within the last two years. Not only are we growing, but our team is committed to what they are doing because we truly believe our doctors are the best in the industry.

“When Dr. Molen founded Molen Orthodontics in 1972 he quickly saw the positive impact a smile can have on someone’s life.  Since then the Molen Orthodontics’ team has worked hard to develop unique techniques and treatment approaches that have resulted in what is now known as the Molen Signature Smile.  Dr. Molen’s vision of delivering beautiful smiles to the entire South Sound has been carried on by his sons Dr. Rick & myself (Dr. Aaron).  With the addition of Dr. Chris the Molen team feels confident that it will continue to fulfill Molen Orthodontics’ mission – ‘to change lives one smile at a time to help [our] patients achieve their dreams,’” said Dr. Aaron Molen.

We can’t wait to see what the next few years has to bring and to watch our continued partnership with the Puyallup Sumner Chamber flourish.

Find more information on the Rising Star Award winners and city development projects announced at the Puyallup-Sumner Chamber of Commerce breakfast on The News Tribune here!

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