Does Your Child Really Need to Visit the Orthodontist by Age 7?

It seems crazy that a little 7-year-old would need to see the Orthodontist, right? Not anymore!

Amazing advances in technology have brought orthodontics into a new age. Treatment is no longer limited to teenagers but can start with children early in their life.

Seeking treatment early can help eliminate a host of potential future issues that might have developed:

  • Smiles that appear “flat” or “dished” in appearance.
  • Smiles can show too much gingiva (or gums).
  • Noses can appear larger than they are.
  • Facial profiles being less attractive.

For the past 45+ years, our practice has pioneered an early 2-phase treatment to gain space and correct bite problems by directing and influencing jaw growth. This has been accomplished through various types of expanders, as well as, Damon braces. When used properly, these appliances will:

  • Create enough space so that permanent teeth do not need to be extracted.
  • Ensure that your child develops the most pleasing face possible.
  • Assist us in creating a beautiful, natural looking smile.
  • Eliminate the need for headgear.
  • Achieve class II (serious) correction through growth, almost always avoiding the need for corrective jaw surgery.
  • Address airway issues that are linked to childhood obesity, ADD and other airway related issues.

The ultimate goal for early active treatment is mainly orthopedic, as we concentrate on the proper development of the upper and lower jaw. Since the vast majority of growth (90%) is accomplished by age 12, it is important to begin treatment early.

We recommend that you have your child’s first visit by the time they are 7 years old. In most instances, treatment will not be recommended until closer to 8-9 years old.

We believe in the value of these exams so much that we offer them at no charge through our Growth & Development program.

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