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Congratulations! You’ve completed your orthodontic treatment and simply can’t stop beaming. As you prepare to unleash your dazzling Molen smile upon the world, there are a few extra things you should know.

Your Smile is Fully Customized

You’ve probably seen a lot of orthodontically treated smiles that look pretty much exactly the same from person to person. At the end of your treatment, you will notice that your smile is straight, but it’s not “cookie cutter.” That’s because it will be specifically designed by our doctors to fit the unique structures and layout of your face, lips, and gums, making you look your absolute best. You’ll still have a beautiful, wide, straight smile, but it will naturally complement your features.

Maintain Your Smile With Retainers

Without proper retention, the natural tendency of teeth is to start shifting back toward their original position, especially if orthodontic treatment was started after all of your facial bones hardened. To keep this from happening and to keep your stunning new smile perfect for a lifetime, regularly wearing your retainers is key.

We use discreet clear nighttime-only retainers that cover all the surfaces of the teeth. These retainers are worn anywhere from a few nights a week to daily, depending upon your retention needs. To help ensure your Molen smile lasts a lifetime, we also use a permanent wire retainer on the backside of the lower front teeth. This double layer of retention ensures that your teeth stay straight and beautiful, year after year.

Our Gift to You: Retainers for Life

To keep your gorgeous Molen smile looking its best year after year, retainers are key. Since the 1970s, Dr. Bruce Molen has been offering our famous “retainers for life” promise. This service, which is still rare in the orthodontic industry, was pioneered by Dr. Molen and is one of the cornerstones of Molen Orthodontics’ commitment to its patients.

When we say “retainers for life”, we mean it. We’re happy to replace lost, broken, or worn-out retainers at absolutely no charge to our patients. Even if you weren’t treated by us for your braces or Invisalign, or have never had braces before, you can still enroll in our “retainers for life” program. Just call for details and to schedule a FREE consultation to learn more.

Clear Retainers

Find out how much you'll need to wear your retainers, how to keep your retainers in great shape, and a few other do's and don'ts! Don't forget to ask about Retainers for Life!