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What to Expect

If you’ve been thinking about Invisalign for a while, but aren’t sure what to expect, Molen Orthodontics is here to help! You might wonder how the aligners are cleaned, or what you do with them when it’s time to eat. No question is too big or small. Molen Orthodontics knows that investing in your smile is an important decision, and we want you to be completely informed and confident in your treatment choices.

The first step in the process is your FREE consultation, where we will discuss any concerns you have about your bite or about orthodontic treatment. We’ll also do a thorough review of the structures of your face, teeth, gums, bite and jaw, and from there, will discuss various treatment options to best fit your orthodontic needs, lifestyle and budget.

What to Expect From Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a very different treatment option when compared to the high-maintenance, train-track braces of the past. Instead of bulky brackets and wires, your treatment is simply a series of clear plastic aligners that you swap out every two weeks. These aligners are custom-crafted to fit your individual treatment plan, giving you a gorgeous Molen smile easily and discreetly.

Changes to Facial Structure

When you turn to Molen Orthodontics to custom design your beautiful, healthy new smile, any changes to your facial structure will only be positive ones. You will still look like you—only better. During your FREE consultation, we will carefully examine your face, the shape of your palate and jaw, the position and fullness of your lips and cheeks, and how your teeth support these important features. We don’t want to just give you straight teeth—we want to give you a straight, healthy smile that complements and enhances your entire face, helping you look and feel your best.

Conventional orthodontic treatment often relies on the extraction of adult teeth, which can have some negative effects on facial structure, bite mechanics, and on the fullness of the patient’s lips and cheeks. This is why Molen Orthodontics avoids the extraction of adult teeth in all possible cases. We also pay close attention to making sure that your cheeks and lips are well-supported, preserving their youthful fullness and avoiding the flattened or sunken look that can take place when orthodontic treatment only focuses on “straighter teeth”. Your results will be a wide, full, natural looking smile that has been created using our famous combination of science and artistry.

Comfortable Treatment

Invisalign is second to none when it comes to patient comfort. The plastic aligners fit your teeth comfortably and have smooth edges, keeping your tongue and gum tissues free from abrasions. You will probably feel a small amount of pressure as your teeth move into position, especially when you swap one aligner for the next one.

Changes to Food

Invisalign’s ease of use extends to mealtime as well. Instead of swearing off your favourite foods and snacks, you can continue to enjoy treats like apples, popcorn and even gum. Simply remove your aligners before you eat, and you can enjoy your meal just like always. The only foods you will want to avoid are extremely hard foods that may damage your teeth.

Regardless of what you are eating or drinking, after every snack or meal, just give your teeth and aligners a quick cleaning, and you’re on your way!

Cleaning and Maintenance

You don’t want your new Molen smile marred by gum disease or tooth decay, so keeping your mouth clean during orthodontic treatment is really important.

During your treatment with Invisalign, you should brush your teeth once after each meal, and again right before bed. Simply remove your aligners to brush your teeth, and then clean the aligners themselves using Invisalign cleaner or by brushing and rinsing them. Don’t forget to put your aligners back in before sleeping, as they work best when worn for at least 22 hours a day.

At Molen Orthodontics, we’re here to help you get the most out of your treatment, and are delighted to answer any questions you might have. Book your FREE consultation now!