The History of Orthodontics

We have great reason to be thankful for the field of orthodontics. Without orthodontics, several common problems might go untreated – problems like crowded or crooked teeth, incorrect jaw positions or jaw joint disorders, and underbite or overbite. Left untreated, these problems could lead to further and more worrying problems – tooth decay, gum disease,… Read More»

Quick Tips for Great Oral Hygiene with Braces

Having good oral hygiene is important for everyone, and it’s especially vital when you have braces. Keeping your teeth and gums clean during your orthodontic treatment is extremely important because improper care and hygiene could lead to prolonged treatment and require more visits. Poor brushing can result in unattractive white spots, and even gum disease… Read More»

A Straight, Dazzling Smile Makes #GrowingUpWithBraces Totally Worth It!

The hashtag #GrowingUpWithBraces was recently trending on social media, with users lamenting about their memories of having to wear braces as a kid. But despite the jokes about the struggle of having to wear bands and dealing with the pain of having them tightened, most people who have had braces as a kid are thankful… Read More»

Celebrities Who Got Their Megawatt Smiles with Braces

Celebrities get paid to flash their gorgeous pearly whites on the red carpet, but many of them weren’t born with perfect smiles. Yup, even glamorous celebrities aren’t immune to crooked, misaligned teeth! In order to achieve those dazzling, megawatt smiles, many celebrities have had a little help with orthodontic treatment. So who’s had a “tin… Read More»

How Getting Braces Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

The benefits of braces are wide-ranging, from health benefits (which we discussed in a post published a couple of weeks ago) to cosmetic benefits and improvement in self-esteem. Gaining confidence and improving self-esteem is one of the main reasons why people seek orthodontic treatment. People with crooked teeth or bad bites will often become self-conscious… Read More»