Patient Transformations

Adult Patient With Incorrectly Placed Braces

This case illustrates the difference between how Molen Orthodontics place our braces and treat our cases versus how traditional orthodontists treat cases. This patient transferred to Molen Orthodontics after she was told that jaw surgery was the only way to correct her bite. By removing her old braces and replacing them with our correctly positioned Damon braces. The dramatic change in her bite after just 12 months indicates that she was never a surgical case in the first place.

Teen With Undersized and Small Upper Lateral Incisors

We treated this teenager with Damon Braces. Suffering from undersized and small upper lateral incisors, our skilled orthodontists created a treatment plan to reposition this patient’s teeth over the course of treatment. The final result is a more natural-looking smile and improved bite pattern.

Teen Patient With Severe Lower Jaw Crowding

This teen patient was able to achieve incredible results without having to extract adult teeth. Our skilled orthodontic team treated this patient’s severe crowding in the lower jaw using Damon Braces. By gradually widening the jaw and repositioning teeth, this patient achieved dramatic results, and a healthy smile he can enjoy for years to come.

Teen Suffering From Severe Crowding

Our talented orthodontic team was able to treat this teen patient’s severe crowding without having to extract adult teeth. Using Damon Braces to rotate and reposition teeth over the course of treatment, the final result was a significantly more natural looking smile and healthy bite pattern that his patient can enjoy for a lifetime.

Teen Suffering From Crowding and Crossbite

This is teen was suffering from a severe crossbite and extreme crowding. Our skilled orthodontists treated this teen with Damon Braces, without requiring the use of a palatal expander and avoiding the extraction of adult teeth. As a result, this patient completed treatment with a much more natural arch and a healthy bite pattern.

Adult Patient With a Severe Overbite

The Molen Orthodontics smile artists were able to address this patient’s severe overbite without headgear or surgery. Using a Herbst appliance instead, our orthodontists designed a treatment plan to gradually move his teeth into place, while addressing spacing and alignment issues. The final result was a wide, healthy smile and no overbite!

Teen Patient With Misalignment Issues

This Molen Orthodontics patient was experiencing misalignment issues, and using Invisalign Teen, our orthodontic artists were able to address these issues and widen his arch. This patient shows just what we can accomplish with Invisalign Teen, particularly when treatment corresponds with a teen’s natural growth cycles.

Adult Patient Requiring Functional and Restorative Treatments

This highly complex adult patient required functional and restorative treatments to address serious tooth damage. Working with her primary care dentist, Molen Orthodontics created a treatment plan to address these issues, as well as misalignment issues, to prevent any further damage. This patient achieved amazing results in only 12 months!

Adult Patient With Missing Teeth and Misalignment Issues

This patient was missing a lower incisor, had some misalignment issues and was suffering from several fractured teeth. Molen Orthodontics’ talented orthodontists designed a treatment plan using Invisalign to guide her teeth into optimum positions. Combined with restorative treatments, the final results were a wide, healthy-looking smile.

Adult Patient With Worn-Down Teeth and a Crossbite

Molen Orthodontics’ highly-skilled orthodontists are able to treat even very complex cases with Invisalign—just as we did for this adult patient who was suffering from worn-down teeth and a crossbite. By creating a custom treatment plan incorporating functional fixes, this patient achieved a dramatic outcome, and has a rejuvenated smile for decades to come.

Adult Patient Missing Several Teeth

This is another adult Damon Braces case showing how our talented orthodontists handle patients missing several adult teeth. By designing a customized treatment plan using Damon Braces, this patient was able to align missing teeth and achieve a wide smile with dental implants. The final result was a more natural looking profile.

Adult Patient Dental Arch Expansion

Molen Orthodontics was able to help this adult patient achieve their desired results without requiring surgery or using a palatal expander. By making the most of Damon Braces’ advanced technology, our orthodontists helped this patient get a wide, healthy smile with a natural-looking smile to complement their natural facial features.

Adult Patient With Worn Down Bite and Missing Teeth

This adult patient was able to overcome significant orthodontic issues, including a worn down bite and several missing teeth. Our talented orthodontists worked closely with the patient's dentist and created a treatment plan to fix the alignment issues. We were able to avoid extractions, and have prevented the need for this patient to wear dentures.

Teen with Extra and Fused Teeth

Our talented orthodontists were able to treat this dramatic case with Damon Braces. We designed a treatment plan to address the presence of extra teeth, some of which were fused together, and provide a wide, natural smile for this patient. The after photo shows the amazing results and Must be Molen smile this teen will now be able to enjoy for a lifetime.

Teen Treated in 12 Months

Our orthodontists were able to treat this teen's case of poorly aligned teeth with Damon Braces in just 12 months! Her treatment plan was designed to give her a wide, natural looking smile that complements her features. We ensured her final result also included a beautiful facial profile.

Adult with Misaligned Bite

Our orthodontists designed a treatment plan to give this adult patient the smile she always wanted. We addressed the existing misalignment with Damon Clear Braces, a thin and discreet option which provided the wide, natural looking smile that she was hoping for.