Molen Orthodontics Spotlight: Get to Know Ellen Uhler, Treatment Coordinator

Ellen Uhler has been working with Molen Orthodontics for the past forty years! That in and of itself is quite the accomplishment. Ellen started working with Dr. Molen when she was only a senior in high school. Her work with Molen started as a temporary fill-in position for an assistant who was taking the month off. Her temporary position turned, unexpectedly, into a lifelong career. Ellen says that choosing to work with Dr. Molen was close to the best decision she has ever made – second only to marrying her spouse!

Throughout the history of orthodontics, new advances and technologies have been discovered and created. This is one of Ellen’s favorite aspects of her career. She is constantly learning and enjoying that lifelong thirst for knowledge. The patients who come to Molen Orthodontics come from all walks of life and have unique personalities and interests. While coordinating treatment plans Ellen just loves talking to all the patients and their families. Little do they know that through these innocuous conversations they’re also educating Ellen on various subjects and ideas that she would otherwise not look into, which she highly enjoys!

For forty years, as Ellen has progressed through her career, she has seen firsthand many amazing advances in orthodontics. She remembers when braces were not so lovingly referred to as “metal mouth and “tin grin”. Now there are much more options to choose from! Damon braces and Invisalign are orthodontic technologies that make it easier, more comfortable and a more efficient way to achieve that “Molen Magic Smile!” Molen Orthodontics are able to capture 3-D scans of your mouth and teeth which better allows the doctors to find any extra teeth and know their exact location. Ellen has seen firsthand the doctors at Molen Orthodontics use these modern technologies over and over again. She loves how they constantly work hard to educate their patients and parents so everyone walks away with an individualized and efficient treatment plan.

Ellen without hesitation says that one of the most interesting people she has worked with is Dr. Bruce R. Molen. He was the best teacher she ever had and on her first day of working with him, she noticed he had unlimited amounts of patience to those he worked with. The wisest advice he gave Ellen was to “just follow the Golden Rule – do to others what you would have others do to you – and everything will be just fine.” Ellen has witnessed Dr. Molen selflessly help the community by donating his time, money and always his optimistic attitude.

Ellen Uhler has seen it all while working in the orthodontic field. She was there when Molen Orthodontics threw a 1950’s themed Halloween. Dr. Molen came dressed as Buddy Holly, and one of their assistants came dressed as an old-fashioned drive-up waitress – complete with roller skates! She was there when the new technologies that brought forth Invisalign and 3-D imaging emerged. She was there for it all and hopes to continue to be there for the next decade to come. Ellen Uhler will be coordinating for Molen Orthodontics and helping people achieve a wonderful, “Molen Magic Smile”!

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